The Help Network


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The Help Network (THN) recruits volunteers who commit to a minimum of one hour per week assisting a disabled, elderly, or sick person. Volunteers come from all walks of life and can help in ways big and small from providing simple companionship to assisting with transportation, physical tasks, or preparation of meals.


Projects and Program Details


Helping Hands Project – THN sponsors the development of volunteer networks designed to support the disabled, elderly, and sick, and develops resources and programs to assist these individuals with basic human needs. THN contacts community agencies to identify individuals who would benefit from assistance, recruits appropriate matched volunteers, and handles all procedures for bringing volunteers together with those in need. THN serves as a community resource and database for individuals in need of assistance.


Community Circle Project (CCP) – Urban society often creates an environment where individuals are isolated and vulnerable in times of crisis. CCP organizes weekly meetings where individuals who would otherwise be isolated can meet, develop friendships and community, and offer each other support through times of challenge and crisis.


The Help Network Online Community – THN seeks to develop an online social network where individuals can ask for and offer help in challenging life situations. This can include various types of assistance including donations of household items, transportation, assistance with physical tasks, temporary housing and micro-loans and grants.


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