EcoVision 2020

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Ecovision 2020 sponsors educational and public awareness programs aimed at educating citizens and leaders about environmental issues and develops forums for the discussion and implementation of sustainable solutions.

Programs and Project Details:

EcoTalks – organizes conferences, symposiums and forums where government and industry leaders and community organizations can be educated about and discuss policy issues related to the transformation of industry towards the goal 100% sustainability.

EcoBooths – information tables at public events providing information on important environmental issues.

EcoAds – media campaigns and public service announcements educating the public about the global ecological crisis and the need for urgent action.

Sponsors an “Environmental X-Prize” – a competition with a $1 million (or more) prize for the most outstanding environmental project or invention.

Sponsors economic and policy research on sustainability policy and environmental awareness. Seeks to develop and promote visionary economic and sustainable living models.

“Party for the Rainforest” – fundraising and publicity for environmental causes at dance, music, social and nightlife events.

Global Eco – village project- works with leaders of developing countries to establish self-sustaining eco-villages for the poor.

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