The Nonviolence Project

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The Nonviolence Project (NVP) is a long term K-12 educational program and curriculum that promotes non-violent problem solving, conflict resolution, and social skills.

Projects & Program Details

The development of peaceful means of problem solving and conflict resolution require learned behaviors based on education, appropriate role models, and personal development. Some persons may learn these skills in a family setting, others may not. Our educational system is sadly lacking an emphasis on the development of non-violent social skills, hence millions of young people enter society each year with aggressive social and personal attitudes.

Today’s media, primarily via television and video games, promote a culture of violence and aggression in American society. Children are bombarded with messages that “Violence is cool.” Thus our youth receive a pro-active education in violence and aggressive thinking, but receive only passive role models and systems for non-violent social behavior. The result is rampant gang and street violence in urban areas and an epidemic of unprovoked and senseless violence on America’s streets.

NVP develops and implements educational initiatives dedicated to promoting peaceful conflict resolution, in turn providing students with healthy interpersonal skills for family, relationship, and workplace settings. In younger years, the project emphasizes personal boundaries and respect for the physical space of others. In older years (junior high and high school) the program expands to include the social and historical study of violent/non-violent thinking and their effects on global culture.

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