The Organic Food Company

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The Organic Food Company (OFC) provides access to quality organic food by developing and organizing non-profit food stores and community based cooperatives. OFC works to develop farm-to-market food networks that serve as a community & educational resource as well as providing vocational training and employment opportunities.

Programs & Project Details

The Organic Food Company is a non-profit organization and social venture founded on the mission of providing greater access to affordable, whole, healthy organic foods.

Wholesome organic food and nutrition is a primary quality of life factor for people throughout the world. Yet millions, if not billions, of people lack access to adequate nutrition and sustenance.

OFC seeks to provide people throughout the world with access to affordable organic foods by establishing non-profit markets and community food cooperatives and by working closely with affiliated organic farms. OFC works closely with its supply chain, linking individuals to the entire food production process and creating a community resource that provides opportunities for vocational training and employment. OFC believes that access to affordable, whole organic foods is a basic human right and offers educational programs on nutrition and healthy living through its network of non-profit markets.

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