As an incubator for non-profit projects and social ventures, Global Change Project (GCP) develops cloud based collaborative systems, networks, and methodologies for the rapid deployment of world changing ideas. GCP promotes volunteerism and social engagement as a way of life and provides opportunities for college students to gain real world experience by taking leadership roles in innovative social and environmental projects.

GCP is currently developing the following projects. Please click on the project name for a more detailed description:

Recruits volunteers who commit one hour per week to assist a disabled, elderly, or sick person.

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Secures commitments from businesses to offer discounts for the disabled similar to those provided to students and senior citizens.


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An organization dedicated to promoting 100% renewable energy and sustainable industry by the year 2020 through education, public awareness campaigns, and policy development.



An educational program for children in grades K-12 that promotes non-violent problem solving, conflict resolution, and social skills.


Establishes non-profit food outlets and cooperatives to make affordable organic food available to everyone.LogoForDocuments

Provides grants and no interest loans to individuals recovering from traumatic accidents and injuries

Teaches women to learn skills in entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency, and positivity.

Provides courses and classes to educate women about their fertility cycle.